IBPS SO Job Profile – Responsibilities of Specialist Officer | IBPS SO Promotion & Career Growth

IBPS Specialist Officer Job ProfileIBPS SO Job Profile, IBPS SO Career Growth, IBPS SO Promotion, IBPS Specialist Officer Job, Responsibilities of Specialist Officer

Here we have discussed in detail the IBPS SO job profile, responsibilities of specialist officer. Moreover we have given an official account of IBPS SO career growth and IBPS SO promotion.

A few days back we had informed you of the 4122 vacancies released by IBPS. So we hope a lot of you must have applied for the IBPS specialist officer exam. Further we expect that you have read about its eligibility criteria and exam pattern. Therefore the next thing you would want to know is all about IBPS specialist officer job.

IBPS conducts CWE SPL to recruit specialist officers in about 20 public sector banks. The name of this post is self explanatory. Specialist Officers operate in their respective fields. They are specialized and work like professionals in IT, language, law practice, human resource management, marketing and others as the case may be.

IBPS SO Job Profile, IBPS SO Career Growth, IBPS SO Promotion, IBPS Specialist Officer Job, Responsibilities of Specialist Officer

IBPS SO Job Profile | Do you know about IBPS Specialist Officer Job?

Responsibilities of Specialist Officer | IBPS SO Career Growth | IBPS SO Promotion

There are two things that anyone and everyone want from their job. Number one is money (yes it is a truth) and number two is job satisfaction. However here we will talk only about the latter while information on the former will be updated in short time.

The IBPS specialist officer job is well above par than any other bank job found on an average. The responsibilities of specialist officer make them good managers and specialized operators in their respective fields at the same time. Moreover being in this job you never have to worry about career growth. You take care of your responsibilities and this job takes care of your career prospects and promotions.

So let us begin the discussion with the job profile and subsequently the other aspects of IBPS specialist officer job will come up.

IBPS SO Job Profile – Responsibilities & Jurisdiction

IT Officer | Agricultural Field Officer | Law Officer | Rajbhasha Adhikari | HR Officer | Marketing Officer

There are different streams in which specialist officers are recruited. The responsibilities are different according to the stream you get in but the job is enriching otherwise. Specialist Officers are looked at with great respect within the organization and in the society. They are there to provide specialized service in their discipline. As these are Officer level posts the responsibility is immense.

The banks depend on their services as much as on the management officers. The bank is made functional by integrated functionality of both. Any branch of any bank generally contains lesser number of SOs. It is so because they handle critical and sensitive departments. Some SOs like IT officer & law officer may not have to deal with public at all while others like AFO, HRO & marketing officer do.

So let us try to observe the department-wise responsibilities of specialist officer.

Responsibilities of Specialist Officer:-IBPS SO Job Profile, IBPS SO Career Growth, IBPS SO Promotion, IBPS Specialist Officer Job, Responsibilities of Specialist Officer

There are numerous responsibilities for bank specialist officers. A brief job description has been below given for the same.

1) IT Officer: The IT officer operates in the Information Technology department of the bank. They are mainly assigned the tasks related to banks’ software. IT Officers are responsible for functioning and maintenance of such software. They also develop software which is the utmost need for any bank. They don’t have to deal with bank customers.

2) Agricultural Field Officer: AFO is given the duty to promote loans in rural areas. They serve information about schemes in general and agricultural fields of the government and other financial institutions. They travel a lot and continuously engage in public dealing.

3) Rajbhasha Adhikari: They are responsible for promoting Hindi language in bank operations. They translate documents in Hindi and organize training programs for bank officials to strengthen them in the official language of the country. Being a PG they are well versed in this language.

4) Law Officer: They represent the bank in legal and judicial matters. Moreover they provide legal advice to the board of banks regarding functioning of the bank and other personnel laws. Conclusively, law officers act as bank representatives.

5) Personnel Officer: They are responsible to handle the human resource department and undertake important functions such as performance management and development. They coordinate the functioning of the bank as a team leader by taking care of bank personnel.

6) Marketing Officer: They are responsible for marketing and branding of the bank activities and services. They aim at increasing the brand value of the bank and ways to make the bank reach the masses.

Area of Authority

An Officer working in a bank operates within the range of duties as assigned to them. They possess the right to act and take decisions accordingly as deemed fit. So the entire Bank zone can be called as the jurisdiction or the area of authority. As already described above, the SO can be the official communicator and in that case the jurisdiction expands across the bank and coincides with other companies’ domain.

IBPS SO PromotionIBPS SO Job Profile, IBPS SO Career Growth, IBPS SO Promotion, IBPS Specialist Officer Job, Responsibilities of Specialist Officer

Another vital factor in taking up a job is whether it can give me opportunity to rise above. IBPS SO Promotion is also a vital know-how to consider. Just like other Officer Grade jobs this channel also gives candidates a chance to reach the top. As their work is appreciated the Officer may get subsequent promotions in different grades and scales. Overall it is a great opportunity to contribute to organization and reap rewards for self. Below we have given the different stages of IBPS SO Promotion in the corporate bank job world. Have a careful look.

IBPS SO Promotion Ladder
Scale Promotion Channel Minimum Experience Minimum Service Length (in years)
JMG Scale – I to MMG Scale –II Normal / Seniority 5 Not Applicable
JMG Scale – I to MMG Scale –II Merit/Fast Track 3  Not Applicable
MMG Scale – II to MMG Scale – III Normal / Seniority 5  Not Applicable
Scale – II to III in MMG Merit/Fast Track 3  Not Applicable
MMG Scale – III to SMG – IV Merit / Fast Track 3  Not Applicable
SMG Scale – IV to SMG – V Merit / Fast Track 3 12
Scale – V to Scale – VI Merit / Fast Track 3 15
Scale – VI to Scale – VII Merit / Fast Track 3 18

Note: Maximum relaxation in experience will be 01 year.

JMG – Junior Management Grade.

MMG – Middle Management Grade.

SMG – Senior Management Grade.

As you can see the table the final step in IBPS SO Promotion ladder is scale-VII. As far as the utmost possibility to which a SO can climb up is equivalent to CEO/ CMD. Responsibilities are immense but so is the job satisfaction. So if you are aiming to be a specialist officer in bank, just go ahead. A bright future awaits you.

IBPS SO Career GrowthIBPS SO Job Profile, IBPS SO Career Growth, IBPS SO Promotion, IBPS Specialist Officer Job, Responsibilities of Specialist Officer

Specialist Officers in PSU Banks are eligible to join the main stream cadre after 5 years of service. After 2 years they are eligible for promotion. Moreover serving in rural areas is not mandatory.

The future depends on what you do today. You must have got an idea looking at the responsibilities of specialist officer & IBPS SO Job Profile that there is a great scope of growing in the banking sector. As the IBPS SO Promotion ladder promises to be, the career of SO is of course an enriching one. So you would agree that the pace of IBPS SO Career Growth is second to none.

Finally we can conclude that to get in the lucrative career of banking, becoming a Specialist Officer through IBPS CWE SPL is obviously among the best choices.

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In the end it can be concluded that the career growth obtained in this job is as satisfying as the job itself. It’s an endeavor if you happen to be a bank SO. Good Luck for the journey ahead!

We hope that we have helped you clear most of your doubts and queries regarding IBPS SO Job Profile, IBPS SO Promotion, job description, responsibilities of specialist officer, duties and other career prospects etc. If you still have any doubts about IBPS SO Career Growth or IBPS SO Jurisdiction (area of authority) you may ask below.

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