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IBPS PO Job ProfileIBPS PO Job Profile

IBPS conducts the PO/ MT exam in October (prelims) and November (mains) every year. A large number of candidates attempt these exams. In the year 2015 alone, more than two million job seekers applied for the same. Therefore an important and most asked question from the candidates is: What is IBPS PO Job Profile? In addition they are eager to know about the IBPS PO Salary Structure too Check here. In whichever career they may be, but every person wants their job to be enriching for them. This tends to be the very next question from the job seekers – IBPS PO Career Growth. This query actually covers all important aspects like promotion, the way up in the corporate ladder. In this article we have covered a vast spectrum of details like IBPS PO Responsibilities, work culture, job description, IBPS PO Promotion & IBPS PO Jurisdiction.

The IBPS PO exam takes place for the post of Probationary Officer or Management Trainee. In our other articles we have explained about IBPS PO Exam Pattern, previous cut-offs & Results. We have explained them & a lot more in appropriate sections below.


IBPS PO Job Profile | How much you know about the job you want?

IBPS PO Responsibilities | IBPS PO Career Growth | IBPS PO Promotion |IBPS PO Jurisdiction


If you are looking for the details of IBPS PO Job Profile, then you have landed in the right place. We have explained the complete details of IBPS PO Responsibilities and IBPS PO Jurisdiction in appropriate sections. We have also described IBPS Promotion and job description of Bank Officers. In addition we have explained in detail about IBPS PO Career Growth & job prospects.

So let us begin by explaining the job profile of a Probationary Officer or Management Trainee.


IBPS PO Job Profile | Responsibilities & Jurisdiction

The Probationary Officer as the name itself suggests is an Officer under training. After a successful probation of two years, the PO/ MT candidate becomes an Assistant Manager. Yes, it a managerial job indeed but it includes certain other areas of responsibility. The status of an Assistant Manager is above than average citizen in the society be it economically or socially. Apart from getting respect in their workspace, they are widely respected by the civil society too. After all, they are among the contributors to the advancement of the national economy. Moreover, when a common man gets their loan sanctioned for starting a new business or other necessities you know how indebted they feel to the bank servant for giving them a new lifeline. But keeping this & other emotional aspects of the job of a PO let’s focus on the IBPS PO Responsibilities right away.

IBPS PO Responsibilities

Responsibilities in IBPS PO Job Profile: –

There are numerous IBPS PO Responsibilities for Bank Officers. A brief job description has been given below for the same.

1) Serving Customers: Servicing the customer is the foremost necessity for an officer by giving them the information they asked. POs may be asked to look into customers coming for opening new accounts, ATM cards, deposits, receipts, loans, cheque books etc.

2) Bring in new – Business: Since you are dealing with customers directly, it is naturally expected of you to promote various products of the bank & its partners to them. It may include fixed deposits, insurance policies, mutual funds, credit cards etc.

3) Handle Cash & Clearing Payments: Though it is mostly associated with the clerks, but as a PO you can expect ample practice of that. Further you may be trained on the transaction software. In addition, some payments by way of cheque, DD, NEFT/ RTGS beyond a certain amount need to be authorized & cleared only by a person of officer cadre.

4) Report & Verification: In the era of core banking solutions POs may be assigned to generate reports which may include the deposits, withdrawals, ledger balances etc.

5) Official Communicator: At times a PO acts as an official communicator to MNCs or other companies via meeting, mails or telephone etc. Further at many corporate conclaves a PO may represent the bank and its prospects.

6) Processing Loans – This is another responsibility that increases as the PO gets up corporate ladder.

There are miscellaneous responsibilities on POs when they are under-training. We have explained a few of them rest you’ll experience only when you get there.


IBPS PO Jurisdiction | Area of Authority

An Officer working in a bank operates within the range of duties as assigned to them. They possess the right to act and take decisions accordingly as deemed fit. So the entire Bank zone can be called as the IBPS PO Jurisdiction or the area of authority. As already described above, the PO can be the official communicator and in that case the IBPS PO Jurisdiction expands across the bank and coincides with other companies’ domain.

IBPS PO Promotion IBPS PO Jurisdiction

IBPS PO Promotion

Another vital factor in taking up a job is whether it can give me opportunity to rise above. IBPS PO Promotion is also important information to consider. Just like other Officer Grade jobs this channel also gives candidates a chance to reach the top. As their work is appreciated the Officer may get subsequent promotions in different grades and scales. Overall it is a great opportunity to contribute to organization and reap rewards for self. Below we have given the different stages of IBPS PO Promotion in the corporate bank job world. Have a careful look.

IBPS PO Promotion Ladder
Hierarchy Ladder Grade of Officer Scale of Officer Name of Post
1 Junior Management Grade Scale – I Probationary Officer
2 Middle Management Grade Scale – II Manager
3 Middle Management Grade Scale – III Senior Manager
4 Senior Management Grade Scale – IV Chief Manager
5 Senior Management Grade Scale – V Assistant General Manager
6 Top Management Grade Scale – VI Deputy General Manager
7 Top Management Grade Scale – VII General Manager
Apex Grade Pay Scales
Hierarchy Ladder Grade/ Scale/ Post of Officer
8 Executive Director (ED)
9 Chairperson and Managing Director (CMD)

As you can see the table the final step in IBPS PO Promotion ladder is CMD/ CEO. And I must express my view that it is a very high stature post. Responsibilities are immense but so is the job satisfaction. So if you are aiming to be a PO in bank, just go ahead. A bright future awaits you.


IBPS PO Career Growth


The future depends on what you do today. You may have got an idea looking at the IBPS PO Responsibilities, IBPS PO Job Profile that there is a great scope of growing in the banking sector. As the IBPS PO Promotion ladder promises to be, the career of PO is of course an enriching one. So you would agree that IBPS PO Career Growth is second to none. As you better your work you get ample chances to work in the best financial institutions around the country. Some may even get chance to work with international institutions such as IMF and World Bank.

A career in banking is the one which once you embark upon, you’ll celebrate as you look back when you retire. It can teach you lessons no other job may teach – man management, time management & crisis management etc. You know you would be leading a team right from your first day. Hence to get in the lucrative career of banking, becoming a PO is obviously among the best choices.

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Consequently the career growth obtained in this job is as satisfying as the job itself. It’s an endeavor if you happen to be a bank PO. Good Luck for the journey ahead!

We hope that we have helped you clear most of your doubts and queries regarding IBPS PO Job Profile, IBPS PO Promotion, incentives, job description, IBPS PO Responsibilities & duties and other career prospects etc. If you still have any doubts about IBPS PO Career Growth or IBPS PO Jurisdiction (area of authority) you may ask below.

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